DC: City of Color and Shadow

Opening Reception 7 pm, Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

DC: City of Color and Shadow presents national landmarks in bold colors and deep shadows, challenging the viewer to reconsider their familiarity with the monuments and institutions they represent.  

Color gradation reminiscent of a rising, or setting sun, evokes the transitional character of American political norms under Trump’s administration. Federal institutions and political norms long seen as immutable are being shifted and changed. Stone does not move, but the light around it does. And as light changes, so does the shadow it casts. 

With the shifting color, the lines of the monuments grow harder. The strength of the color becomes as oppressive as the solid black of the monuments themselves. Corners and sides are illuminated in detail while the rest falls into shadow, leaving the viewer to presume what is unseen, but never entirely sure.

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